Feasibility study


We carry out a feasibility study for a property area or quarter, to highlight the development potential of your properties. Often the assets of real estate and property owners (such as family fortunes, communities or investor groups) include larger property areas or quarters, consisting of undeveloped properties and/or properties built up with older buildings. Due to differing core competencies of the owners, amongst other reasons, these properties are frequently not assessed and re-developed. At this point we develop a feasibility study for the designated property area or quarter. Here we can support you for example with the following services:
  • Choice of a suitable architect for the study
  • Analysis and documentation of the initial situation for the client
  • Development of different utilisation variants (taking into account potential objectives set by the clients)
  • Preparation of recommendations for action for the client
  • Presentation of the completed feasibility study
Legal issues will be dealt with and redacted by the lawyers of the HAACK Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB within the scope of the feasibility study. (Property law) If you are happy with the feasibility study or already have ideas about the use of your properties, we will gladly support you throughout the next step, project development/conception.

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